Download OPOLO Desktop Application

OPOLO Desktop Wallet for Windows

Download the latest Windows version.

.exe checksum (SHA256): 9344cc45d374f51e485812d85c83092d32897f5ea1c232da80244718f78c31a2
Download (v1.0.3) Requires 64-bit Windows.

OPOLO Desktop Wallet for Linux

Download the latest Linux version.

.zip checksum (SHA256): e762df4bb4947edb0992177395f6e1ca46fc955c54bb8b2cbef4ed903dc69634
Download (v1.0.3) Requires 64-bit Linux distribution.

OPOLO Desktop Wallet for macOS

Download the latest macOS version.

.zip checksum (SHA256): 21744b0681b1f8929a43846f11dd78f5b2c048cfafe5cf8eb84ac0ec896e9ec9
Download (v1.0.3) Requires macOS Sierra 10.10 and above.

Download OPOLO Cosmos Firmware

OPOLO Firmware for hardware wallet

Download the latest firmware version.

.bin checksum (SHA256): "a2c2328c96425429a78636bc50eebb56a51dcb8c848661dc0869b071ca8effe5" Fw upload on device checksum (SHA256): "bae38f79f74e35946b4642a07baef80b57063d9084f133a0869fe61d23a24497"
Download (v1.3.4) Requires OPOLO Cosmos Hardware Wallet.
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