Create first wallet on OPOLO Cosmos hardware device

Create the first wallet:

  1. Before creating the first wallet, you must have set up the password, if not read this.
  2. Go to OPOLO and download the latest version of OPOLO Desk for your operating system.
  3. Now plug the OPOLO Cosmos hardware wallet into your desktop PC and authenticate it on the hardware wallet. Remember without authentication, the device will not be connected to the Desktop PC.
  4. Open the OPOLO Desk app on your desktop PC
  5. With OPOLO Desk main window, you will also find a smaller window that shows which USBs are connected. Select the USB with the name “OPOLOC” or “InterBiometric” and pair the device. This step is critical, if the device is not paired, you cannot perform any operations with the device.
  6. Now if the device is successfully paired, you will be able to see the Settings page of OPOLO Desk.
  7. Press the button “Create New OPOLO Wallet”
  8. Now you will be able to see the instructions on the OPOLO Cosmos hardware wallet.
    1. First, you will see the 24 words BIP39 mnemonics. You must write them down on paper, and make multiple copies. Or if you have a crypto steel, note it down on there. This is very critical, if you lose this backup, you may lose all your funds. So make multiple copies of written mnemonics and put them in a secure place. You must must must take 3-4 backups on paper or steel.
    2. Now if you continue on the device, you will be asked to take a backup on OPOLO Card. This is an optional step, but this makes life easier when you need to restore the OPOLO wallet. But this shouldn't be the only backup you have. You must keep your paper or steel backups in case of Card failure.
    3. Place the OPOLO card under the device (on the backside) and press “Next”, on a successful backup, you will see a message with success. If you get a failure, readjust the position of OPOLO Card on the backside of the device and press “Retry.” When you successfully save the mnemonics on the card, please carefully store it in a very secure location. Someone who gets the card can restore the wallet. Please consider it as a paper, with mnemonics written on it.
    4. On completion of the above steps, you can press “Skip” or “Continue” to complete the wallet setup process.
    5. Now your wallet is set up, you can generate your first address and get some funds on it.