How to create an EOS Account in OPOLO Desk

  1. EOS coin can be added in the same way as Bitcoin or Ethereum.
  2. EOS coin can only be sent to the EOS account name, EOS coins cannot be sent to an address, you must need user account name. The same is true for receiving EOS coins, you must have an account name to receive the coins. You can create an account name using OPOLO Desk if you already have one EOS account name already created for any of the EOS addresses.
  3. Select COINS from the left-hand side menu on OPOLO Desk
  4. Press the “Send” button in the EOS coin row, a new popup will be opened where you can see the “Manage account” link under the EOS balance.
  5. Press “Manage account”, this will open a new popup where you will be able to perform different actions for EOS, such as “Create New Account,” “Buy Ram,” “Stake CPU/Net,” “Unstake CPU/Net.”

Create New Account

  1. For this step, you must have one EOS account already created, and this account must have a balance
  2. Select “Creator #” Address that has account name and balance
  3. In “Account name” input field, enter the 12 characters account name that follows the conversion
  4. “Account Address” Copy/Paste the address for which you want to associate this account to, this may be not your own EOS address, that means you can create an account for any other address
  5. Net (EOS), select how many EOS you want to stake for network
  6. CPU (EOS), select how many EOS you want to stake for CPU
  7. Net (EOS), select how many EOS you want to stake for network
  8. RAM (Bytes), select how many bytes you want to assign to the new account.
  9. “Create Account” button will be enabled if all information is correct, press it and follow the instructions on the device
  10. On device, you can verify if all matches with the OPOLO Desk.
  11. If all is good, continue to sign and broadcast the transaction.
  12. Once the transaction is broadcasted then you will view the green transaction hash, that you can use to follow the transaction on the EOS network.