OPOLO Cosmos Delete Wallet


Deleting OPOLO Wallet is a very sensitive operation. You must only do this if you are sure and you know what you are doing. This is not a reversible operation. Once the wallet is deleted from the device, there is no way to restore this wallet except for the backups you have made on the first time setup.

Follow these steps to delete the wallet from OPOLO Cosmos device:

  1. Go to the settings page on OPOLO Desk.
  2. Under the “Hardware Wallet” section, press the button “Delete OPOLO Wallet.”
  3. You will see a confirmation window on OPOLO Cosmos, press “Yes” if you want to continue.
  4. This will erase your wallet from the secure element, and your device is now empty and can only be set up by using a backup/recovery or by creating a new wallet.